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About the Property

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Gaynor Forster House is our Supported Living unit where 5 young adults live independently with staff support.

The house has an enviable position close to shops, bus route and the centre of Brighton. Each ‘tenant’ has a self contained flat and is supported to take their place in the community.

Mrs. Denise Bartlett, and her team manage the service and continue to monitor each individual, developing both their individual and health action plans and through extensive links with the community assist them to lead active and fulfilled lives.

Service Structure

The Outlook Foundation follows a person centred approach to support planning. Each individual's support needs are met through an individual support package. Life skills reviews occur on a monthly basis to ensure that an individual's skills develop. The Tenants Committee aims to encourage self-advocacy, however, individual independent advocates are always welcomed by the charity.

Aims and Objectives

  • To support the individual in development and maintenance of essential life skills for independence, including managing their tenancy.
  • To support individuals and help them maintain existing and changes in mental and physical health.
  • To support individuals when establishing and maintaining social networks; assisting them in the development of social skills and relationships.
  • To support individuals in maintaining educational and working opportunities.
  • To support and enable individuals with decision making processes which may affect their lives, together with working towards personal goals.
  • To enable individuals to make appropriate choices and support them with these choices, also to understand the consequences of the choices they have made.
  • To provide individual support, centred on abilities, needs and achievable goals.
  • To work in partnership with the tenant's family members and external professionals.
  • To provide an environment of mutual respect between all tenants, staff and local community.


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Gaynor Forster House has five self contained flats which open into a fair sized hallway. Each flat has its own front door. The flat comprises a lounge, fitted kitchen, dining area, separate bedroom and bathroom. All flats have fitted carpets, curtains and blinds. Furniture and utensils etc. are the tenant's personal responsibility.

Shared facilities at Gaynor Forster House are a laundry room sited on the first floor and a hobbies room. The house has both from and back gardens which the tenants maintain to a very high standard. The staff facilities are located on the ground floor.

The house has an enviable position close to the shops, bus routes, and the centre of Brighton. There is a choice of medical practitioners within a five minute walk from the house, and adequate dental care.

The house is very close to Preston Park and other social options. Extensive links with the community assist the tenants to lead active and fulfilled lives.

Tenants Specification

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Individuals accessing the service will be diagnosed with a developmental or learning disability, defined as 'a significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information (intellectual impairment), or to learn new skills, together with a reduced ability to cope independently (impaired social functioning) which started before adulthood having a lasting effect on personal development'.

Improved or sustained level of independence in core skills within and acceptable level of staff support. Priority core skills are:

  • The ability to get along with others.
  • To be able to follow personal programmes.
  • To be aware of personal hygiene and appearance.
  • Have the ability to keep their accommodation clean and tidy.
  • Be able to participate in chores.
  • Attend college courses and work placements, etc.

Outlook Foundation Support staff will:

  • Consider factors that affect tenants individually.
  • Ensure sufficient opportunity and support has been provided within any other constraints.
  • Seek for the individual's support, the service and recommendations of relevant outside agencies.


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