Life Skills

Part of daily life at each house involves the continuing development and maintenance of essential life skills, ranging from personal hygiene to room cleaning, road crossing and bus travel.
All residents and tenants have individual life skills plans that they devise in collaboration with support staff. The person centred approach to life skills training results in successful completion leading to increased independence, appropriate to the individual.

Life skills examples;

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With help from support staff, residents and tenants apply for various further education and personal interest courses at local colleges and education centres. Popular course choices include catering, vocational skills and drama.
We are also very fortunate in having dedicated facilities based at Outlook House, where residents and tenants are invited to attend literacy, numeracy and gardening classes. Gardening class incorporates various areas of the natural environment including woodwork and growing our own grub!

The lessons are generally delivered on a 1:1 basis by our in-house tutors and are tailored fully to each individual. We have also recently started a Performance Club, where residents and tenants learn about the stage and express themselves creatively.

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Leisure Activities

In addition to the formal learning delivered by Outlook, we recognise the importance of social life in maintaining personal wellbeing and fulfilment. We have fun!
Residents and tenants have individual hobbies and interests such as DJ-ing, swimming and football. They are also encouraged to participate in group events such as bowling, carnivals and theatre trips.


Residents and tenants enjoy various holidays of their choice, supported by staff. Past holidays include trips to Portugal, Majorca and the Isle of Wight.

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Christmas Show

One of the highlights of The Outlook Foundation calendar is the Christmas Show. Everyone is invited to play a part and take to the stage to entertain parents, family and friends. Over the years residents and tenants have performed their own versions of various favourites including the X-Factor, Cinderella and Greece.

All are encouraged to take part…including the audience!

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