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Welcome to our work and Volunteer Placement Page…

For many of our tenants and residents, working or volunteering forms a major part of their weekly routine. Across our three houses individuals engage in a variety of different placements covering various interesting and creative roles. From receptionists, cafe and shop assistants to roles at art galleries, pre-schools and gardening projects, we match people to roles that are right for them.

Please see our case studies and photo gallery for further details.

Case Study #1: Elizabeth's story!

Building on experiences and developing new opportunities…
Lizzie loved spending time with children and has volunteered at a local preschool for four years. Over that time she has learned from staff and other volunteers at the pre-school and it’s clear that she is an established member of the team.

"I really enjoyed volunteering for the pre-school. I love spending time with the children and get on really well with all the staff. I'm much more confident about volunteering with children than I was when I started and staff tell me that I'm doing really well."


Although she is very happy with the role at the pre-school, Lizzie is keen to continue to develop her childcare skills and broaden her experiences. With support from our Placement Support Programme Lizzie has just begun a new childcare role with My First Friend Nursery where she helps run a monthly activity session at Outlook House. In the session nursery staff and a small group of children go to the house to complete an activity that Lizzie co-runs. This is a great opportunity for Lizzie not only to showcase the skills she has already developed but also to gain more independence around the role she enjoys so much.

"It's a pleasure having Lizzie at the nursery. The children look forward to her visits. Lizzie helps the children with activities like cards and singing songs."

Nursery Manager

Case Study #2: Joanna's story!

Growing in confidence and developing new skills…
Jo has always enjoyed being involved in art and craft based activities and finds going to see art exhibitions very interesting. When Jo started volunteering at Fabrica – Brighton’s Centre for contemporary Art – our staff supported Jo in getting used to the role and settling into the new environment. Since this time Jo's confidence has grown considerably and she is now very well established member of the Front of House team.

"I love volunteering for Fabrica. The art is very interesting and every exhibition is different. I've made lots of new friends over the past three years and I am much more confident about trying new things."


Jo is now so comfortable within her role that she is developing new skills including delivering training with our Work Placement and Volunteer Coordinator, about volunteering with people who have support needs. This is not only a fantastic example of Jo's achievements but a real insight to work to the work we do.

"Jo has been volunteering at Fabrica since 2015. She is prompt, reliable and has never missed a volunteer shift. Jo was a delight to work with. She is calm, kind and always smiling."

Ratna Jan Bibi
Fabrica - Gallery Manager

Please see the gallery below for some of our other Work Placements

Placement Support Programme
We have a dedicated Volunteer and Work Placement Coordinator who supports individuals in accessing placements that meet their specific requirements. This includes identifying roles that are matched to people's interests and skill set as well ensuring the support they receive when volunteering is appropriate.

Any support given to individuals wishing to explore volunteering or work placements will be tailored to their individual needs. Below are examples of what this may involve:

Step One - Initial Assessment

  • Meeting with the individual (exploring the interests, experience and support needs)
  • Meeting support staff (gathering their knowledge of supporting a person)
  • Meeting family (gathering the background knowledge about the person)

Step Two - Preparing For A Placement

  • Writing CVs
  • Creating placement profiles
  • Interview skills

Step Three - Finding The Right Role

  • Exploring and searching for potential roles
  • Supported visits to potential placement organisations
  • Completing applications
  • Supported trial sessions
  • Pre-placement checklist (to ensure the placement is safe and appropriate)

Step Four - Support To Settling

  • Initial travel support
  • Initial one-to-one support at the placement (for a set number of sessions)
  • At role-playing (tailored around specific parts of the role)
  • Creating individualised role guidance sheets
  • Writing risk assessment relating to the specific role

Step Five - Ongoing Support

  • Six monthly placement reviews (with the individual and placement supervisory staff)
  • Ongoing contact and support for the volunteer
  • Ongoing contact and support for the placement organisation
  • Training for placement organisations